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Manual Propelling Device

A manual propelling device can be a set of oars or a paddle or anything that a person can operate by hand or foot to propel a boat, including the rudder on a small open sail boat or a paddle wheel on a paddleboat. But, keep in mind the purpose of the manual propelling device and chose something appropriate for your vessel.  It is there to help you manoeuvre your vessel in close quarters if the engine has quit and / or, depending on the size of your vessel, to help you make it to shore.  If you opt for a set of oars, make sure that your boat has oar locks or you would be just as well off with a paddle.


A good anchor with the proper chain/rope arrangement is handy for everyday boating and “cheap insurance” in the event that you need to stay in one position to wait for help to arrive. This is especially true if you have a dead engine and a strong wind pushing you ashore or equally as bad, offshore.

Anchors have to be properly sized for your boat and manufacturers provide recommendations as to the best size of anchor to your vessel. Just as important is having the right style of anchor. There are different types of anchors for different types of bottoms, whether it is mud, rock, weeds, etc. The key is to have the right style and weight of anchor and proper line (rode) for your particular boat. If you don’t, rough winds and water can cause the boat to drag, leaving it to drift. This is especially important if you are asleep or away from the boat, even swimming nearby, which can leave you stranded in the water.

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