Welcome aboard SmartBoater Women. This is a special area within the smarboater.ca website for you, the wives, moms, sisters, daughters and girlfriends of men who love to boat. Here we will provide you with a better understanding of boating and how to make sure it is safer and more enjoyable for you and your family.

We are doing this because statistics have shown that 80% of all those who drown are men… our husbands, boyfriends, fathers brothers and even our kids.

Let’s face it…virtually every recreational activity has some element of risk, including boating. Fortunately, in boating there are some simple ways that you and your family can mitigate those risks. We have categorized them into three general topic areas; lifejackets, alcohol and preparation. In each we have created a short, informative video with an overview of the risk, some relevant statistics and solutions that you and your family can employ to reduce those risks.

We are the Canadian Safe Boating Council and we are here with the resources you need to make boating safer for your family and reduce the worry for you.

Let's get started!!!. Click below and Bon Voyage!

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